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Our Team

About Wanda

Wanda Maye​ux 

Owner, Rival Fit

IFBB Bikini Pro

Bikini Competitor Prep and Physique Coach 

Promoter, POSH Female Competitor's Retreat

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About Wanda

I'm excited you've taken the steps to check out Rival Fit!!

What's unique about me and my coaching passion and philosophy?

   As a working mother of two and grandmother of four, I understand how hard it is for women to find the time to work out, prepare separate meals for competition prep, practice posing - and - then funnel laser focused attention to step onto the stage and compete. Whew!  

It's exhausting just thinking about it!  Insert smile.   

It's important for you to work with an expert who understands exactly what your competition  needs and personal time constraints are; but will hold you accountable

 to your commitments to achieve your goals. 

As a professional bikini competitor, I have first hand experience training and sculpting my physique at the competitive level.  As a prep coach, I have clocked thousands of hours teaching and coaching women to achieve and outreach their individual competition and fitness goals.

When it comes to prepping to compete, I approach my client's program with their personal stage goals in mind.  But, I also consider my client's health and fitness goals in relation to their current fitness level; I consider their family dynamic, their career, and their emotional health and lifestyle.   It's very important to consider all of the variables to help make changes that are sustainable for long-term commitments.   

In short, my vision is to share my knowledge with women who are searching for the keys to open their fitness "fantasy".  To build their confidence as we build their physique - to lift their spirits as we lift in the gym - to give them the power to empower themselves.  

Posh Female Competitor's Retreat

Posh Testimonial

"I can honestly say that it was your (POSH) symposium that gave me confidence...the mock competition and getting feedback helped so much...

I went on stage feeling confident and fantastic.”​

     Shellie, NPC Bikini Competitor 

- Bikini Division Prep  Coach -

No matter your fitness level, genetics, age or body type, my programs are customized for your success.  I work one-on-one to provide you with individualized and effective training and meal plans to achieve your competition goals.

- Bikini Division Posing Coach -

You've worked countless hours building your winning physique and now it's time to showcase it.  I'll create the perfect posing routine for you that's tailored to highlight your physique and propel your self confidence for an incredible competition experience. 




Female Competitors - This is for YOU.  

All things industry related are brought to you - in one weekend retreat - 

 no need to search for days and months for information, products and services.  

Jan 31 - Feb 1


POSH Female Competitors Retreat-Presented by Rival Fit

Hotel Alessandra - Downtown Houston 

1070 Dallas Street - Houston, TX  77002


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