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Get to know me - In Three Short Sentences

I'm a busy grandmother of 4 and I love spending time with my family.  I know how  important it is to stay a step ahead of menopause and all other things "age" related.   I've been in the fitness industry for more than half my life and I'm still as enthusiastic about it as I was 30 yrs ago!   

At 49, I became a professional bodybuilder with the IFBB Pro League and have competed in the bikini division for 3‚Äč+ years.  My experience in the fitness industry is expansive - there isn't much I have not done or haven't tried or plan on trying (insert smile).  

In addition to bodybuilding, I have competed in 5 & 10k races, mountain biking events, Crossfit, Triathlon, HIIT and Bootcamp programs and other aerobic, training and lifting activities.  

 I thrive on achieving my own personal fitness goals and I am passionate about coaching other women over 40 to achieve their age-defying health and fitness goals as well.