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The POSHabilities .... are ‚Äčendless 

POSH - Female Competitors Retreat 

What's the back story?  

It's pretty simple.  I'd spent months and even years looking for trustworthy information as I prepped to compete.  I'd get overwhelmed on google searches - and well, you know how a google search goes (insert frustration emoji - lol).

One evening, in February 2019, I sat on my couch thinking.....

this shouldn't be so damn difficult.   My next thought, 

I'll make it easier! 

 I decided right then, I would host the first 

Female Competitors Retreat in the state of Louisiana!  

Six weeks later, in March 2019 - I did it - I hosted the first 

POSH event. 

It was a huge success and the feedback was fantastic!   

I wasn't alone - EVERY female athlete needs this information!

POSH - Agenda

POSH brings together some of the most influential people 

in the industry - in one location - to give you an open, comfortable forum to discuss ALL industry related topics.  

There are no "taboo" topics here.


Here you''ll find trustworthy information, products 

and services that you need to take to the stage 

NOW and in the FUTURE.

The beauty of POSH is that you get to experience mingling 

with other athletes, exchanging tips and trade secrets, 

and making life-long friendships in a 

non-competitive environment -with other ladies 

JUST LIKE YOU with the SAME GOALS.  It's amazing!


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